Our capabilities

     The construction market in India is today one of the fastest growing and actively funded in the world. In this regard, the need of Indian construction companies in overseas partners and their qualification is very high. Therefore, Russian and foreign infrastructure contractors have a huge potential to participate in projects in India. But this potential is not fully exploited and only a few Russian companies today marked their presence in India. There are several reasons for that — lack of knowledge and underestimation of Indian market or the lack of local partner.

     The aim of our company is to show Russian and foreign companies that its possible to work in Indian market and it doesnt often require large investments. Therefore we are ready to share our experience and looking forward to new partnerships

     Zimcons has vast experience in the following fields:

  • Setting up Joint Ventures / Consortiums 
  • Preparation and submission of bids
  • Consulting and marketing services
  • Representative services for foreign companies
  • Matchmaking services