About us

     The main specialization of Zimcons is the facilitation of consortiums/joint ventures), bid preparation and submission for such projects as water/sewage treatment plants, pipelines and networks, tunnels, microtunnels, airports, roads, bridges, metro, railways, sport facilities and other infrastructure projects in India and abroad. More details can be found in Services

     Zimcons is a specialized agency providing services in the field of infrastructure construction and development in India, Asia and Middle East. Our clients are Indian, Chinese and Russian construction companies working in the rapidly developing sector of infrastructure construction in India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Our experience as well as strong relationships with reputed Indian, Russian and Chinese contractors, public and private sector clients, technical consultants, banks, government authorities help our customers to find the right partner and contribute to acheiving the most efficient interaction between the parties to reach the planned goals.

     Our multinational team are professionals with extensive international experience in finance, construction , project management and engineering.